Prayer Request

God assignment in my life but confused

To God be the glory,I am a blessed child I believe in God so much lost my father last year he is a pastor so dat make so mad all the time am the baby of my family so am asking God to keep me focus in is house of ministry in is church so I can finish wat my father left since he died a lot of tribulation have being coming towards me drinking smoking which am not really used to before , I know The Lord gave a lot of thing for me to do in his house but so confuse and again people love to do besiness with but at the last minute they change there mind which have being asking God to cast dat course out of my life plz pray for me and my entire family and my number is 832:762:9575 Joshua and my late father name is Moses so I checked and read bible and read the life of Moses and Joshua dat inspire my so much ,thanks

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