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Love for my Husband

Dear prayer team, I want you all to please join me in prayer as I ask God to give me a special love for my husband. I have never loved or lived with him since we got married and now that I have decided to go live with him I ask God, in the name of Jesus, to put the same love that he has for me in my heart for him too. And to bless us with children. Amen.



Please pray for my wife

My wife has a mental illness and has suffered severe abuse from her parents. She is a service member. We took our vows with the greatest intentions and love for each other. Since; however, other service members and even her own mother have driven her to do morally corrupt things for their own amusement while command staff does nothing. As a devoted husband, I pray every day for our marriage, for us to grow together, and for our Lord to show light within her and shepherd her away from her peers who use her for their amusement and her mother who hurts her. Please make room in your heart to pray for her and bring her back home.

healing , family break thtough

Greetings in Jesus name please pray for me an my family I am feeling sick for the past 3 months and the doc can't find my problem with all the tests I have done I'm so confuse at times , all for my 3 kds on of the boys is into wrong doing am I want him to stop it so bad , I'm dating an english man and we both want to get marry and start serving God . I will be going to the Us embassy later this year please pray for me to be successful when I go thank you God bless you all my name is Jennifer Vassell


That one day we can all come together and forgive eachother of our wrong doing to one another

for my son

My son is 9yrs old he is not able to concentrate on his studies he forgets what he has studiedalso.he has becoma stubborn now a days.kindly pray for him there should be a transformation in him.


Greetings and a prayer of blessing to you all from my heart for your prayers in the name of our Christ and savior Jesus. My family - children and I have been renting this house for almost 4 years now and given the opportunity to buy this home from my landlords. A couple who divorced and want to sell their former home together. We have all the papers and valuation for this land done but need 20% of the total value of this land to be able to get a loan from the bank I have an account with. My children really love this home and its the first place my family found peace and really feel at home after my family have been moving from place to place over 10 years now. I believe in my heart that God is blessing my children with this place and now I need to find a way to get the finance to be able to get this home. Please pray for God to show me a way if it is indeed his will that the house is meant for my children. I thank you all and may God Bless


A healthy happy marraige of 22 years on the rocks. No infidelity has occurred, no desire to cheat, no dates, secret calls or meetings, nothing of the sort, but the spirits of doubt, fear, insecurity, and vengeance have caused such a wedge between my wife and I she is intent on divorce. She has my oldest daughter convinced dad is bad and won't talk to me. We have 3 kids and church members in the same church for 15 years. I am exhausted with this because it is not the first time, she has always come around and allowed me back but never drops the topic or releases me of guilt. I can only rely on the power of The Lord to touch her in her innermost part of her spirit to realize truth and her wild accusations and the great amount of damage that has been caused. I don't care about myself, I care about the children and their future direction in relationships and our current status of separation tearing them up on the inside. She has only seen infidelity and deception her whole life in Mexico in her brothers sisters and cousins, and is the product herself of a man who left his wife to create her with another woman while still married. She was a victim of witchcraft and voodoo in her young life an up to the point of early 20's allowed herself to be prayed over by evil witchcraft sorcerers. Before we came to Jesus even I allowed her to take us to one such meeting to pray for my son. I even let them pray over me regretfully. I am at the point I want to scream and I can't stand this confusion or let it ruin our lives but she will not budge. Please pray over the words I am writing here and beg of our Heavenly Father The Lord Jesus Christ Jehovah God his divine intervention to save us from this evil plan.

My Family begins... Need of a house before Marriage

Hi, I am a young man in my late 20's. I am a preacher's kid as well. I am from Vanuatu. I'm in need of a new house as I now have my own small family. My partner, my son & myself... I am not married. Our plan is to build a house and as soon as it is done we shall get married in order to move out from my parents to our new house. I am the only one working for the family and I don't really earn that much in order to build the house. Thank God for my little brother who currently works in a bank here in my country. He bought a piece of land and split it into 4 pieces for us brothers to share... Small land of ~1600 m2. Now that we have our piece I am trying hard to find a way to finance the building of our future house. It's a small house of ~255 m2. I bought a second hand wreck pick up vehicle in order to help doing transportation business but got stuck. I tried a business of fishing but also stuck... The total cost of the building is ~ $23,000. I need a way out in order to build the house and get married as soon as possible as I want to go ahead to carry on my role in the church youth group again (currently stepped down in all my church responsibilities). Looking forward for some prayers to help me out. Thank you. Jr.

Continued prayer for Mr. Edwin's complete recovery and Peace and reconciliation in the full family

Thank you all for your prayers for Edwin who has miraculously survived a heart and brain surgery and now is no more in need of dialysis. Please continue your prayers for his complete recovery and that he goes back home to a healed family and is able to bring HONOR TO GOD. ALSO PRAY FERVENTLY FOR HIS MOTHER that she is able to see her son coming home to visit her in India and is able to bring reconciliation and Peace among her children and their families. God bless and answer all our fervent prayers. Thank you so much.

my daughter

Please pray for our daughter krissy she is having a tough time and needs all the prayers she thinks she doesn't want to be alive I have been praying and getting her help


please man of God pray for me so that me and my younger sister who is in UK get pregnant. thank you.


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