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breaking the sangoma spirit in my family

Brothers and sisters please pray for my family deliverence from sangoma spirit and every curses in Jesus name. Pray for me either my husband promised me to go and pay lobola again but now he does not talk about it

Peace between me and my daughter & grandchild

Dear Lord Please help me to reunite with my daughter and grandchild, let us forgive and forget about misunderstandings between us. I am currently unemployed, not sure why I am not able to get a job. My last employer is giving me negative references, please Lord if I offended her let she please find in her heart to forgive me, I loved working there, the time I made the decision to leave I now realise I was confused. Please allow them to let me in and let us respect one another as I really loved my work. Dear Lord I do sent my CV all around it would be appreciated if can just be allow for an interview and get a job . thanking you

pray for my family

praise the lord every body please pray for my family to worship the lord together

My Mom suffer ing from Cancer.

My self belongs from Hindi family, I m in a big problem i e my Mom she is suffer from Cancer since last April 2014, I m very helpless now & Dr. told me that she is in her last stage, I hv already wasted tym & lots of money, I m suggested by a friend to ask for a prayer reqest so I requst prayer for my Mom from ur prayer centre, so that she 'll over come form her suffering by Grace of Heavenly Father Load Jeses. I 'll be very much gratefully & thankful for ur kindness to all ur prayer center members. I 'll be eagerly waiting for a response. Thanking u Manoj Basu

pray for own house

Please pray that god will give me a land to dwell which had had promised me in the year 2005 . may all the obstacles be removed and may god grant me a own house. Amen


I ask Jesus that you show Toni and Daniel the love of Jesus so they would repent and except Jesus as there saviour amen

better servent

Give the wisdom to teach my dghtrs and grandkids the msg of Jesus. I need to know how to display love to my family as Jesus did. Give me discipline to to be healthy and eat right so I will be around a long time for grandkids.


requesting a prayer to help heal my wife emotionally and have us reunite as a family. Amen

Moving in the right direction

I'm asking everyone to pray for my family and myself. We are trying to stay on the right path for Christ also keep my son in prayer he is doing good but I need him home now so Jesus continue to heal his body too thanks everyone!! May God bless you with all that your heart desires

for the hilling of my uncle

Brother/sister, I request to pray 4 my uncle. As he is in icu since 1 week he is nt hvg any prblm all report r cmg normal 1ly fever is prblm. I dnt no what's happening with his life , but I request to pray 4 my uncle Pzeee pray for my uncle

Pray for my self .

I am very sad ,unhappy ,feels very lonely and very angry.i can't hide my feelings .its shown on my face and that upsets me again.May God bless you.

Pray for my self .

I am very sad ,unhappy ,feels very lonely and very angry.i can't hide my feelings .its shown on my face and that upsets me again.May God bless you.


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