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to know what is good for me

Im not able to decide what is good for me properly please pray that i would get peace of mind.


Would like u to pray for my son and myself

breakthrough from demonical forces against my family

Dear, Pastor I Mrs Marcia Phang was working with a couple and now both of them decease and leave a will for me, which consist of house and landed. But the man family are working witchcraft to kill me especially and even my familu to get the same value. This will is probating in the court right now. I marcia phang need a breakthrough that it can rule in my favor. My feet cramp every night and sometimes felt short a breath and please pray for me and my family... You can contact me at this number 0018763243748 or 0018763342477 or my house number 00187666335333. So please in touch. Thank you jesus and maybe god bless you...

may the grace of the lord flow in my family

may the almighty God protects me and family,may his love,piece,and joy continue to flow in our lifes in Jesus name amen

I request children &a gud family

Hi beloved ones ; I have got a problem with children in my life . I am a marked woman of 40 yes old now & I have 7yrs in my marriage having not even one child.Again my marriage is not stable @all. I have challenges . can you plz pray with me . thank you Hoping that my request will be highly appreciated..From Mrs Madolo.


Sir pray for my family who are faced with the setback and family disagreement that we may be together as a family. prayer for my mum who is mentally ill because of depression

Homeless and Worried! My 12 yr old Disabled son and I

Hi, my name is Michelle Mondor. Many Prayers Needed! I'm reaching out to anyone and everyone I can, and am now running out of time?! So, since December. My son, Aiden. Now recently 12, whom is Also, Disabled. He has Autism spectrum disorder. Azburger Syndrome. Toe Walker. Also he's just had a second surgery for his Toe walking that has gotten worse, he's confined to a wheel chair again! The list can go on. So, we lived in Erath, La housing for 3 1/2/ yrs. Home! And were so Wrongfully Evicted! Not to mention, at Christmas, the Holidays! Which already was not gonna be the best, but we were Home! The Reason.. My gas had been disconnected!? I didn't know honestly, because it's only for our heat. And didn't need heat in the summer. Not to mention, every summer, For reasons I can't even begin to understand? My light Bill exceeded $800.00! A 2 bedroom, just my son and I? I gave that battle up with them after a couple year's. Anyways, They knew about Aidens disabilities, and what throwing us out with no where to go! And no way to get there! We are bouncing around, from place to place as best we can. And also, he's not able to walk! Now, we have run out of our options? We are About to be out again? I get his disability benefits every month, $733.00. Is our only income. what little we had accumulated over their I had to put in storage, and I'm not able to pay, do to all we have, goes from hotel to wherever and whatever else we need to keep off sleeping outside! This is why I'm so worried and scared! Omg! Please?! Who ever? Whatever? Where ever? Help!?! Please???! We are going to be lost on and in so many Levels soon! And I have reached out to so many people and organizations, numbers.. I'm now just begging anyone that just might be that Answered Prayer we so desperately need!? Aiden's starting to fall back to the Spectrum he's came so far from! And with Autism, sometimes they don't come back! He has been talking For a couple year's, and again, he's minimal with the social Ness.. I'm a mom who so needs someone who has the sources to stand For Aiden and myself?! Honesty, I'm not sure what Im asking for? But, I have appealed this through HUD? And they agreed that this was not right. And maybe could get an eviction from Housing, section 8, but I'm still waiting, I can't get in to housing with an eviction proceedings on my record? I don't know what or where My baby will do next? He's just turned 12, again no party! Holiday's homeless! And again, a holiday! This just completely tears a mother's heart apart! Terriblely! My phone number is 337-255-3786 So, again. Thanks! And God bless you! Michelle Mondor

the wisedom of solomon

please pray for deliverance for my family,and breakthrough.all the boys are unemployed,please pray for miracles in that house.

God Providing and Blessing My Family

I want God to provide and bless my family And Grant my parents Total recovery and Good health God Granting my heart desires Thank you


Praise the lord , i got married before 9month running but i have no child, please pray.


HI I AM DEEPTHI, iam from married in the year of 2013/march/3. i am not having the chidren as im only depended on prayers from chidhood, my in-laws are hindus and not salvation in my home of mty husband job to him . please pray for my conceiving and job and salvation my mom and dad we are in NEW HOPE MINISTRIES CHURCH IN CHILLAKALLU, my sisters marriage is in trouble her husabnd is not accepting her . more over having the financial problems . my dad having the heart stroke and operated recently we are going through the financial crisis. my mom stomach having a wound and diabetics she facing problem in tooth and inside belly my brother studying in failed in subjects over all god only blesssed and shown miracles in our familes but now all situation is out of hands my mom and dad weher in grief so please pray for my family healing and salvation lets gods grace be with us please pray for me . contact..8374456741(india)


I want wages increment before this month end.Prosperity in education,business,marriages, at work etc.Forgeting hunger.In Jesus name i believe its done.


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