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my oldest daughter needs prayer in to get saved and have spiritr relationship with GOD and to bless her marriage and to have strength guidance wisdom she is pregnant and her husband don't think that it's his. she wants to go to clubs while she pregnant

My daughter is 23years old and she is married and her and her husband not doing so well cause he thinks that the baby she is carrying is not his.and I love my daughter but we don't get along cause she don't want to listen to nobody. When try to tell her something for her own good.she is clubbing while she is pregnant drinking and doing. She already have 3_children already 2 of them is being raised by the oldest one is being by my mom.and second to the oldest is being raised by my sister.and so forth they all had the since they were infants. Taking good care of her children we all want the best for but she doing wrongful things.and she has the youngest one with her currently and she is speaking certain adult words out her mouth that is not good for her to say.Please pray for her !!!!

Praise The Lord for Hearing My Prayers

I have been praying for family issues for several years. Tonight I feel that God is Answering These Prayers. He is working with my grandson to change his ways. I believe firmly that my grandson will make the changes he has promised to do. He is helping my youngest daughter find a job. She was just laid off. She has two more interviews next week. I feel one of these will come through as one is for a Christian-based company with good benefits allowing her to work from home to be flexible to take care of our granddaughters. Also her husband is making good strides to get his work VISA which will lead to a better paying job to support his family better. I believe that there is a move that may allow my youngest grandson to go to Community College at no cost. This will help his mother to get her head above water. She has been drowning in debt. All of these things will make it easier for my husband and I to be able to get out of debt and be able to retire. I also pray that he heal me of the respiratory illness I have had for 3 months. Thank you Lord for all these things. Please continue to help my family. Also, help my oldest daughter to find someone to love and to share her load. Help my granddaughter to get a great job so she can raise her two kids and take a burden off my daughter. Help my youngest granddaughter to work through her stress with school. Thanks you Lord!!!


Today I'm asking for peace in my home for strength to move forward and raise my Son and to help me thru school and to improve my finances to support my family


Today I'm asking for peace in my home for strength to move forward and raise my Son and to help me thru school and to improve my finances to support my family


My wife has metastasized breast cancer. After being free for 12 years it came back. She is in chemo now, again. She is a good Christian lady. I also pray for mental stability for my self and for her in all areas of our life's through this time. Thanks God bless you all

My wife of 19 years just left me. I am handicap. I am alone now.

I was in an a car accident 3 years ago. I have a brain injury. have been at home with my wife and daughter. My daughter is 15 yrs old. She attends a christian school. My wife is a LPN and works every day. I am home alone every day. able to do daily things, but my wife checks on me 2 oe 3 times a day. She came home friday in a differnet mood. Sat. morning out whole church along with our pastor drove in with several trucks and trailars and moved her and my daughter out and left me her alone... Just please pray that something will change and that she will come back... thank you...


My request is that my daughter and grandchildren continue to come to church and develop a relationship with God. Also that my daughter stop having seizures. I know that God is a healer. He delivered me from drugs and alcohol 5 months ago. THANK YOU GOD. Thank you in advance.

Financial security, healing and the best for my children!

Please pray with me as I asked our Father for financial security in 2015. The last few months have been hard on my family. Grant my husband to get the jobs he desires and bless my children with continued good health and happiness. Keep them on the right track, LORD, and have them draw closer to you. In JESUS' name, Father heal me. Help to be the best Mother and Wife that I can be. Thank you for all the things you have done and every prayer that you will answer. Hear the prayers of my sisters and brothers in CHRIST, I know that from you all blessings flow. You deserve the praise, AMEN!!

Skilled nursing

My father passed just before Thanksgiving and my mom is now alone. She has had stroke which left her unable to speak otherwise she is strong and does know most of the time what's going on. They were together for 70 yrs. and she is in a skilled nursing and begs to come home. I need the words to say to comfort her. I also am having problems dealing with this which has lead me to not wanting to go to the nursing home. My mind and thoughts seem to get jumbled up when I talk with the Lord . I'm 58 and a Christian. I feel as if I'm a small child and can't think clearly or have the energy to do anything.

health and guidance

Praying for guidance in my life for me and all my family, for financial blessings, for greater faith, for greater confidence, for my niece's and nephew's to come out of the world and seek God and all my family near and for. Pray for my husband to stay strong and increase in faith. Prayer for my pastor's health and well being and for his family too. Pray for our church family and our church growth and all our members. Thank you in Jesus name Amen!

lord Jesus we need your help

Lord Jesus pls help my son ,he hasn't seen his son for over a year and we file for child cousty and tomorrow is his court..pls lord jesus help us see and visit our son and grandson we all him miss him so much he's 3 year's old and his birthday is on Christmas eve please lord help me ....

breaking the sangoma spirit in my family

Brothers and sisters please pray for my family deliverence from sangoma spirit and every curses in Jesus name. Pray for me either my husband promised me to go and pay lobola again but now he does not talk about it


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