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My brother

Hi my name is rumiko and I don't belong to a church at this time but I do go to church every now in then and I'm in need of prayer for my little brother fighting for his life in a wrongly accused case right now .I pray and I need more prayer for him if you could be so kind to put a word in with God I would greatly appreciate it cause my heart is hurting right now I believe cause I walk by faith not by sight thank you rumiko

Charity's family

Pray for my friend Charity the devil has taken a foothold to destroy her marriage. Please pray with me for God to intervene and restore this union in Jesus name.


Hi Brethrens, I have a grandchild by the name Daniel who is only three months old. He was recently diagnosed with a cardiac problem and he is to be flown to India for an open heart surgery, my prayer request is to have a successful operation and a better life after that. And also for finances to manage to travel out and pay the Dr who requires 8000$ . Regards Nairobi, Kenya.


Please pray for my Children, grandchildren, siblings, family.For to expedite HIS Mighty Will for their lives. For All to be saved and none to be lost. In JESUS Name

marriage success

Pray for God's salvation for my husband and God should separate him from the strange woman, also divine settlement for my family in every area


Continued prayer for family breakthrough with court procedures with son, grandson and grandparents. Thanking and praising God for His strength and wisdom and understanding. Thanking God for the opportunity to raise a child from early childhood to pre-teen with His faith and grace. Ye tho we walk through the valley of shadow of death we will fear no evil because we know that God is walking this valley with us. Thank God and Amen. It is so.

Salvation to the family

Please pray tor my children to grow up as God fearing children. My father who has searved the Lord for 18 years nolonger goes to chuch and pray that my brothers recieve salvation in Jesus's name. Amen.


Praying for peace in my family, financial blessing, healthy body fot me and my son

God protection

I need you all to join me in prayer,for my son whom has left home to a different place and want to go back to school however there are many obstecle and challenges

lost daughter

Please pray for my daughter Kim Z. she is addicted o drugs and alcohol, she also battles mental illness. Please pray for healing and for her to serve the Lord.

Salvation and Holy spirit annointing upon my husband and Children

My husband is a muslim who isnt even following the tenets of islam.I need deliverance for him from the bondage of the enemy and Holy spirit annointing and ultimate Salvation for the entire family . My marriage is on the brink of collapse as my husband has moved in with another woman.i need prayersfor Gods intervention in my family. Im confident God will make a way. Thank you.

For the Soul of my mama

For the soul of my mother MariaDelCarmen Dominguez may her soul rest in peace and may the perpetual light shine upon her. Amen. Dec. 4-1936 - March 4,2015


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