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These are the family-related Prayer Requests of the faithful from around the world who have chosen to put their trust in the Lord by submitting their requests to this Ministry.

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Marriage Problem

Would you pls pray for my Elder sister Ratna's marriage.Many years(more than 10 years) we(family members) have been praying for her marriage but no results.Her age is above 37 years. she is rejecting every match which comes to her & showing interest towards few matches but they are rejecting her proposal.we do not know what to do? how to deal this great problem.we do not have peace in our family. would you pls pray for me and my family members to solve this problem.Thanking you.Br.Vijay

To my family

Pray for my husband who got a brain damage which was caused by car accident since 2001 January 20. Pray for my daughter Tinyiko she is 20 years,she's about to write her grade 12 exam Pray for my son Nhlamulo he is 14 years,he got Asthma Prayer for my house protection Prayer for me to have more strength and faith.

prayer for my kids

Please pray for my family( my kids)

payment of dowry

Pray for me man of God i want my husband i am living with to accept the deal her sister is going to tell him so that they will pay my dowry. please man of God am really stressed up with this marriage issue, i want it to be done now. thank you

my family an my love life

My family moved from the city to a small my dad got a job the but our Christian life have not been going well I want my dad to go to the interview an the Lord to answer my prayer for my dad to get the job .so we can move back to the city an hv our normal Christian life...

for usa visa

pray for my visa interview is on 01.07.14


To restore my family

want to kill myself

please dear lord pray i can stop the demon drink i am making problems for all the family i want to kill myself


Please pray that my son Shane can stop being so angry at his Sister and forgive her. And also please pray for my ex sister in law who has had surgery for breast cancer.

breakthrough in my family and my upcoming nov dec wassce exams

i am kytmaak sulemana ibrahim born and lived in Ghana 20 years old these should be my 3rd time of writing wassce examination I know God never created me to be useless but my results are always poor u need God,s intervention in my exams.....and unto my family as well ooh LORD help me THE GOD OF SNR PROPHET TB JOSHUA has done it for others and I know my case won't be different. THANK YOU


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