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Going to forty years yet still single. I pray for a marriage partner, whom God will choose for me. I need a happy blessed annointed family.


Please pray for my son who is unemployed to get a job or go study again.I am so desperate for him to get a direction in life and only God will know what is the best now.Please in the past he used to drink and use drugs ,after many prayers the Lord hs help him to decreased his in take of this bad substances but I need the Lord in his life.Please pray for my son Gavin.Thank you Lord the answering my prayers

my unsaved husband has left, got an adulterous whore pregnant

I need prayer 4 my broken heart. My unsaved husband has left me. He got someone pregnant. He left me without any money. I have no way to reach him. My heart is in turmoil. I have only enough to pay my house bill. Literally zero in bank. Please please please pray God will make a way 4 me and my son,12.

Family visa

I'm applying for a visa to US, a visa for all my family(6 peopls). please pray for me.

my family

Yes I want prayer for my family and especially my son as he go on trial for court I want too prayer for my family also and need prayer for my dad I just want things too get better for us and I want God too touch us in a away we never been touched before Continue too lift us up in prayer


To brother & sister, My prayer request is my family to have a small business.

Almost delivery a baby

Kindly pray with me to have safe delivery. Iam almost delivering a baby

please pray l have submited my request.

my prayer request is l want to pray for me l have so many attack this year in illness,tarnishing my name at work l am having enemies,every hour and then my children are getting sick and l am also getting challenge in my financials,promotion and pray for our country Zambia for the disease of elephantiasis a disease characterized by massive swelling of the legs and private parts please pray for me in Jesus name.


please pray for me so that i get pregnant, my first born is now six years old and i am trying for the second child and it seems as if its now taking ages for me to fall pregnant.

family is going through tough times

Several members of my Family are going through things that seem overwhelming. I feel its possible its God way of getting us ready. My son Leslie needs guidance on decisions he has to make and needs a blessing for a job to support his family. He need s prayer for help on a depressing situation. My son in law also needs prayer, doesn't know the Lord as Savior and is depressed having financial problems. His wife, my Daughter knows the Lord but needs Revival and know how to talk and live the life to her husband. Please include their daughter, my granddaughter to be used of God to talk to her Dad and bless her, she loves Jesus. Thank you for your service to the Lord and may God Bless each and everyone who prays for others.


Please pray for my family to have piece all the times, as it is like none of them respect each other. My brother's even if they are working they cant do anything for themselves in life. Please pray for them to know how to manage their life and look after their mother.

God should heal and restore

please please pray for my life my sister Esther Phiri she is H.I.V and she is really suffering and in so much pain my life is full of misery my husband has also tormented me his name is Justin Sibanda he is a pastor but he has caused me a lot of suffering,he has been in prison twice now for attempted rape ,i married him in 1996 i was a pastor in a church where he was serving as a deacon please men of God this man has tortured my soul and he has enslaved my royalty,i am in distress ,hardships,setbacks ,stagnation ,business failures, financial distress i am broke people owe me a lot of money yet i am in deep deep Poverty i am failing to pray fervently as i used to do.we have Separated 3 times in 19yrs he has fathered many children with many women during our separation.i don't know what to do he has left home again.each time he comes back he only stays three months .i wedded and made vows to GOD with this man.he is my wedded husband i tried to get married to someone but it never worked,this man beats me he bruises me, he curses me,he humiliates me yet i have taken care of his mom,his kids with other women, i have taken care for him in prison his day to day supplies from 2012-7th August 2014 when he came out of prison.I bought everything for him he doesn't appreciate me please please pray for my marriage i don't know why i love a man who has hurt me so much,deserted me many times and still i always have loved him .this has brought pain to my family i need deliverance men of God help me please pray for my husband please he is in bondage an i have been dreaming a lot of bad dreams even about prison.


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