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family salvation

Praise Jesus, I am from Kenya, I have the following prayer requests;- 1. God to save and deliver my family from all evil spirits that have haunted us for long. 2. I personally want to serve God fully. God to cleanse me and use me as his vessel for the purposes of His name. I want to Sing to the Lord and worship Him in truth and in spirit. 3. Spiritual nourishment in my life Thank you in advance as God will direct you to do His work. Blessings.

to protect my kids

Lord asking for guidance for my kids incident free,good health and grow in the right way


Plz pray for my brother for knowing Jesus and free from tablet sp and other ungodly nature. Thank u I belife that I will receive good response from God. Amen


Please keep me and my family in prayer especially my sons this world is really wearing down and I Don't want my sons ending up in locked up or dead keep my daughters in prayer also it's so much going on with little girls now keep my health in prayer

wife, kids, home

Please pray for my family and my home. Prey for healing, patience, and peace for my wife; protection, knowledge, love, and wisdom for my kids and quiet, peace, love, and deliverance for my home. Cover them with the blood of Jesus. Amen

My Future

Lord i pray that you keep your hands over my family and i at all times i pray that you keep your hands over my aunt charlene & bless her she's in the hospital right now jesus I pray that I get done with school so I could go to college and be something in life i pray to god that I get this job atleast at whataburger god I ask you to pray for my father and grandfather get them threw the hard times & watch over them Jesus I pray that you keep your hands over me & my boyfriend get him out these streets & make him be something in life , watch over him at all times I want you to make a big change in him lord amen. God I pray that you watch over my sisters all 4 of them & also my 1 brother I wanna see them do good in become something in life make my parents happy I pray that you watch over my mother also in keep her high blood pressure down & last but not less I pray that you keep your hands over me and my boyfriend please lord help us Thank you So much amen. #Blessed


beloved, i greet you in the name above every name JESUS, please help me by standing in the gap for my sister, she is in her second month pregnant and is currently experiencing difficulties, bleeding, please can you pray for the mighty awesome power bestowed upon the name of JESUS to heal and protect her womb and the gift of the baby from GOD that is developing in her womb. GOD BLESS YOU ALL

Not getting in trouble by mama nd not losing her trust

I hope my mother do not lose her trust in me and I hope I do not get in trouble any more and for now on I just want to be lead in the right direction not the wrong one.

no true,trust,respect, peace and love in my family

I need peace,love, respect,trust,truth and a good relationship with my husband richard and my doughter mpho, please pray for my family is sinking dawn to the draign,nothing is going well in my family only insults,lies,bad tolk, attacking each other with bad words, accusing each other, ohhh please help me with powerful prayer s

A prayer for release from devil's shuckles

prayer request for my brother who's Into substance abuse, I pray that he gets Healing from God and receive salvation Amen.

Fruit of the womb

Please help me to pray for fruit of the womb, i have a 10 yrs old boy and i want more children.

Love for my Husband

Dear prayer team, I want you all to please join me in prayer as I ask God to give me a special love for my husband. I have never loved or lived with him since we got married and now that I have decided to go live with him I ask God, in the name of Jesus, to put the same love that he has for me in my heart for him too. And to bless us with children. Amen.


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