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restore back to God

Prayer for my husband Dumiso to stop drinking alcohol amd return to be saved.

cover my whole family with the blood of Jesus

Please prayer for me and my family in Jesus name. Please prayer that Gert S Swanepoel, Marissa R Pretorius, Kiyara D Pretorius, Dujuan K Swanepoel, Duran K Swanepoel be covered and protected by the blood of Jesus. As well as my parents, my brothers and sisters and their families. Please prayer that no harm and evil touch the family. Please prayer for protection of our finances and jobs. Prayer for protection of Gert S Swanepoel's job. That all will be well him him. Cover his job in the blood of Jesus. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen

prayer for help and protection of job and finances

I am very stressed at the moment. My partner was told to go and see someone at the fraud and risk department. We are not sure what it is all about but please prayer that it has got nothing to do with them investigating him. Please prayer that when he goes and sees them that all will go well and be well. I ask that everything goes well in Jesus name. Please prayer for his job to be protected in Jesus name. Also prayer for our finances to be protected in Jesus name. Please prayer for my whole family that the blood of Jesus should cover and protect us all from harm and danger and financial disaster. Amen

Believing Gog for child

We are praying for child.

God' s favour for my family

Would you plz pray for me to be able to lead with humility and truth as a school headmaster. I am also asking God's favour to keep my family and friends blessed.

Son seeking employment

My son Joseph is looking for a job and an oppurtunity has come up for a position that he is interested in. It has good benefits and is long term. Please be in agreement that he gets it and that GOD will make him a good and faithful employee. And that he finds a good strong home church.


I great you in the name of jesus... I hav a big problem, in our family we were know that my mother died in 2007-06-05 but now last born at home she dreamed talk to my mom and she said "i'm tired of working for other family, i'm no longer go back, i'll stay here"... Second she saw shade of a lady inside the live, and the lady was cooking... So can you please help her or pray for her so God take her spirit please, please prophet.


that God should protect me and my family and deliver us from every form of calamity. We shall not cry over any member of the family in Jesus name. Amen


Am looking forward to join college therefore my request is to be prayed for because its hard to manage in college


My Lord Jesus,I pray that You Make A way ,that i may be able to Sustain my family.We're in Need of So many things things as a family to Survive.I pray that you shall give me strength and wisdom to See what is Good for Everyone,in Jesus name I pray.



regarding unification of wife & husband

Brother me Aruna & my husband satishkumar were separated frm 2012 onwards.Because of property my husband dropped me in my house by quarreling and sent divorce notice.Now both of them attending court.His lawyer is asking to give divorce but my husband not speaking a word with me...even if i speak he is not opening is not willing to give please pray that we both reunite and live together for glory of god... Thanking you Aruna


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