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These are the family-related Prayer Requests of the faithful from around the world who have chosen to put their trust in the Lord by submitting their requests to this Ministry.

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my brother marriage & job

prayer for my bro.marriage. 2yrs we r searching for him one girl but untill now we didnt get.My another bro.job he loss because of other people they did mistake but he loss the job pls pray for my brothers.

Blessing for my children

pray for my grownup daughter and son to receive the great blessing of god


I'm married woman i have four miscourage of pregnant please help me in your player to get another pregnant and to have a baby i need to be a mother blessed me with twins boy and girl AMEN.

MY family

please pray for me and my family and my success through medical school thank you.

Total breakthrough in my life, Good husband marriage and good family

I want God to give me good and unstoppable marriage, financial breakthrough, wisdom, knowledge and understanding (person good sponsor in my academic levels) I want God to change my life from humiliation from people, may God lift me high above my enemies in Jesus name. Amen.


I greet yu all in the mighty name of Jesus. Please i humbly ask yu to help me pray for my family. I have been having problems with husband. He has developed this lust for women. Right now as iam writing he is committing adultery and he says a lot of hurtful things comparing me with his many girlfriends. He has a child of out wedlock. He is a full of anger and snaps at very small things. He has become very nasty to my children. I have 3 girls and he says i will look for a boy cause i dont need girls and I know god will give the boy im looking for. Please help to pray that God gives him a new heart of flesh and remove this heart of stone and above all to let the light of the Lord shine upon him so that his blinded eyes can see and that he may be able to hear the voice of God talking to him.

bless me with a baby god.

I has 3 miscarriage. Please pray for god to bless me with a healthy baby in Jesus name...

heal relationship

Dear, please pray together with me to heal my relationship with my mother in law. I am asking the Holy Spirit to heal each of our heart from hate and anger. In Jesus name I pray.. Amen.. Thank you for your help.. God bless you..

Family Deliverance

The family is praying for a total family deliverance from God.

Marriage of Our daughter

Our Daughter, Jincy is 26 year old and we are in search of groom for her since 2 to 3 years. But till now it is not materelised. Pray for her and us to have found a good life partner for her live with loveble, all Happiness, and Glory of almighty.

Spiritual attack in my family

Hi,I really wish to beg that prayer should be carried out for my family.MY younger sister is seriously sick now, confirmed HIV + and a man of God prayed and an old woman was talking in her that "she" (the old woman) is the cause of our predicaments. she said her target is to frustrate my dad who promised to marry her and disappointed her. - She claims to be the cause of the HIV - she has made my younger brother to always steal - she claims that she killed my elder sister - she also said she socked my younger brother's blood, but my mum prayed continuously and she could not kill him, - she claims to have frustrated all his children because she wants to frustrate my dad. - she says she has 5 children as her targets. My younger sister was never told what she confessed, but she tells me that an old woman comes to threaten her and tell her to leave the house in the night. I am quite sure my God will not accept. That's why I really request for family prayers. I believe that reporting this to the house of God, my prayer is already answered.

To my Family

Panginoon sana po magbago na po sina mama at papa at tatay at sana po na si nanay po ay tumigil na po siya sa pagsusugal niya po panginoon sana po sa susunod na pasukan po namin ay maging first honor na po ako kasi yung mga teacher ko ay yung mga pala absent naman po ang pinipili po nila at sana wala na pong mangbullying sa akin sa school kasi po nasasawa na po akong inaasar po ako at minsan po kapag po nagooline po ako sinasabihan po nila akong pok pok at kasing itim ko daw po yung uling kahit hindi naman po kaya po minsan iniisip ko na lang po yung sinabi sa akin ni mama na wag ko na lang daw po silang pansinin kaya po panginoong yahweh sana po matupad po ang prayer request ko na po ito at higit po sa lahat po panginoon maraming maraming salamat po sa lahat lahat na maliit na biyayang binigay niyo po sa aming pamilya . maraming salamat po sa pakikipagusap niyo po sa amin


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